Pro Mic Bundle

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Are you serious with your studio? Because the Pro Mic Bundle is a serious package that can handle most recording scenarios that a studio would be faced with. A professional quality mic locker, all in one bundle.

Comes with

2- iSK 2B Beauty microphones

1- iSK DSM-7a drum mic kit

1- iSK RSM-1 ribbon microphone

 The 2B Beauty are our flagship microphone. They are a large diaphragm tube condenser, with 9 continuously variable polar patterns, -10dB  pad and a low cut filter.  Although they definitely shine on vocals, they are also extremely well performing on piano, acoustic guitar and drum overheads.

The DSM-7a includes a BDM-1 which is not only great on a kick drum, but also on bass guitar cabs or any source that is prominent in bass frequencies.

The TDM-1 microphones is an all purpose dynamic. It has very clean sound quality and can handle high spl. It is an excellent all purpose microphone that truly shines on guitar cabs and toms.

The CM-50's are low noise pencil condensers, and are included with the DSM-7a as the overhead mics, but with this bundle, we would recommend using the 2B Beauty's as overheads, and then you could use these CM-50's on the snare top and bottom, or on the batter side of the kick drum, or as spot mics on the high hat and ride cymbal.

The RSM-1 is a high quality ribbon microphone that excels at picking up low frequencies. Every studio needs a good ribbon mic, because they have a uniquely warm tone. The RSM-1 is an excellent choice on high spl sources that dynamic and condenser's struggle to capture the true tone, such as brass instruments. It is also an excellent microphone for electric guitar cabs, and it's warm tone can be used for acoustic guitar, piano, and it makes a great room mic too.

With the iSK Pro Mic Bundle, you have all the mics you need to operate a professional and high quality recording studio.


Here's an example of what the iSK Pro Mic bundle is capable of. Raw tracks can be downloaded at


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