2B Beauty Gen II

$479.00 USD

Pre-orders only. All pre-orders will also receive a free iSK Classic microphone.

Building on the success of this beautiful microphone, We have made 4 significant changes to the original 2B Beauty. All the new components were chosen based on controlled listening tests

1- New CK12 style capsule. The iSK factory has various tiers of quality which their capsules are rated, and this is based primarily on the precision to which the machinery is calibrated, and the acceptable tolerances in which it is produced. The original 2B Beauty used a medium grade capsule, which was very good, however, the new 2B Beauty is a no-compromise microphone, and we’ve selected a top grade, cream of the crop capsule to outfit this microphone. This capsule has resulted in more definition, especially noticeable in the high frequencies.

2- New, faster responding diodes in the power supply rectifier. - We had tested 4 different types of diodes and chosen the one that sounded best. We set up a controlled test, and did several days of A/B comparing. The difference was subtle, but repeatable and consistent. We chose the best sounding diode and ordered them for production, but that specific model was discontinued by the manufacturer.  This was the first major delay, because we did not simply chose the second best diode, we started over in our research to find the best possible sounding diode. The sales rep at the supplier we contacted recommended a specific model, he said they sell huge amounts of these to Samsung. When we tested this model, it actually outperformed the original diode that we had chosen. So, although this was a significant delay, in the end we got even better results due to it. The difference these made in the sound is very subtle, and hard to describe, but in general I’d say it’s more natural, and true to the source.

3- We’ve added a large, high grade filter capacitor to the power supply. This effectively more than doubled the filter capacitance in the power supply, and resulted in lower self noise, and faster transient response.

4- We are now including it with 2 different vacuum tubes, for different voicing options.  Both these tubes were selected based on comparisons with every high grade tube we could get our hands on. Vacuum tubes are mass produced in factories, and at the end of the assembly line, they are tested, and graded. Based on this grade, they are organized into different lots, and sold at different price points for different name brands.  The 2 vacuum tubes we selected are produced by PsVane for the 12AX7, and Shuguang for the 12AT7.  A little history, Shuguang is a well established maker of vacuum tubes, with their own research and development team. They have developed their own specifications, designs, and materials.  Their lead researcher, and other members of the team left Shuguang, and formed PsVane. Both of these companies make very high quality vacuum tubes, and the models we selected are the highest cost, cream of the crop selection. These are the “cost no object” very best sounding tubes we’ve tried, even compared to highly sought after vintage and NOS tubes.
In our clinical testing, the PsVane 12AX7 is the reigning champion. For the 2B Beauty Gen II, we did another round of testing vacuum tubes, and once again, this tube was selected. It has the lowest noise, and clearest sound especially noticeable in the high frequencies. However, in studio use, the 12AT7 tends to be our favourite for vocals. It has a beautiful mid and low range presence that provides a full and lush sound. Although I’m used to nice sounding microphones, when I use the 2B Beauty Gen II with the 12AT7 tube on vocals, I’m consistently saying to myself.. “wow.. that sounds really good”

There are also some cosmetic changes, such as the pop screen, and the colour.