APS Aeon 2, Pair

$3,899.00 USD

The Aeon 2's are APS' newest model of professional studio monitor. They are the resulting product from a partnership between APS in Poland, and Germano Acoustics in New York. Together, they spent 18 months developing a new monitor through experimenting and optimizing. Professional engineers working on actual projects in Germano's world class mixing and mastering facility contributed to designing this near/mid field studio monitor, with the goal of making it perfect in every way. And what did they acheive? A studio monitor that is extremely clear and detailed, with deep and accurate low's, punchy mids in which you can actually feel, and smooth natural high's. They are perfectly balanced for mixing and mastering, to not embellish any part of the sound, but provide playback that's accurate and leads to mixes that translate perfectly on all other systems.

The available functions, located on the rear, are well though out and very practical.  With an input and an output available, you can route the audio from the speakers to a subwoofer, without any chance of compromising the audio that the monitors receive. This is useful, because the standard way of integrating a subwoofer into a system is to send the signal to the subwoofer first, and use the output from the subwoofer to feed the monitors.  The disadvantage of routing the audio that way, is that the signal will pass through various electronic components, including a gain stage before going to the main monitors. This will always result in a small amount of signal degradation, and using high quality audio components can only minimize this effect. This signal deterioration from being passed through a device is most prevalent in the high frequencies with the addition of white noise and a smoothing out of some of the smaller wavelengths. For this reason, it is more advantageous to feed the main monitors the "Pure" signal, and feed the subwoofer the "second hand" signal, rather than vice versa. On high end gear, this effect of signal degradation is very minor, but still, wouldn't you rather keep the sound from your main monitors as pure as possible?

Also there are Active, Passive, and Roll-off functions for bass control. In Active mode, the bass is amplified and internally EQ'd to perfectly match the speakers output and provide a linear and deep extending response. This is their secret weapon in achieving incredible and surprising bass performance without the need for a subwoofer.  In Passive mode, there is no additional bass amplification or EQ'ing, so the bass tapers off naturally. In Roll-Off mode, a high pass filter is applied for integration with a subwoofer. There is also a switch to engage an 80hz low cut filter of 0, -1.5db, or -3db, to reduce, but not eliminate the bass output. This low cut filter, in conjuction with the Active, Passive and Roll-Off functions provides wide possibilities for controlling the bass response to suit individual preferences, subwoofer integration, and room optimization.

These monitors also have an adjustment for the tweeter amplification to be at 0, +1.5db, or -1.5db. In this method, there is no need for the additional circuitry and gain stages of an EQ, and therefore provides the cleanest way of customizing treble output for brighter or darker playback.

At iSK Pro Audio, we do a lot of comparative testing, and only offer the best valued products. We actually started with the APS line of monitors as regular customer. For our own studio where we do recording, mixing/mastering, and a lot of microphone testing, like everyone else, we wanted the best monitors we could find within a certain budget. Our research, which was based on a review by Dan Richards with Prostudioreviews, and testimonials from our own clients who have used APS monitors, led us to purchase the APS Klassik's. After using them for a year and being quite impressed with their performance, we upgraded to the new APS Aeon 2's.  Throughout our experiences in doing comparative testing of microphones for customers, we began bringing our Aeon 2's with us, because although many studio's have monitors that are more expensive, very few studio's have monitors with this level of fidelity, and when comparing our microphones, it is to our advantage to listen back on the clearest monitors possible. We have had the opportunity to compare these to various other industry standard and well respected studio monitors. This experience made the decision simple for us, these monitors are unrivaled, and we need to offer them to our customers.

Your mixes will only be as good as the level of detail which you can hear, and if you want a monitor that truly is high fidelity across the entire frequency spectrum, and optimally balanced for mixes that sound great on all other systems, look no further than the APS Aeon 2's

This item is special order and non refundable. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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