APS Klassik Pair

$1,399.00 USD

The APS Klassik's are designed specifically for serious producing, mixing and mastering.  Unlike many other speakers, they do not impart their own signature to the sound, or emphasize any particular frequency to make some music sound better. To put it simply, what goes in is what comes out, which makes them ideal for tweaking your mixes and masters and achieving a consistent sound on other playback devices. They have superb clarity, and extremely accurate response throughout the entire audible frequency range, revealing the most subtle details which most other speakers would mask.

Think a 7" woofer can't produce much bass? Think again. While it is easier to produce loud bass with a larger speaker,  the disadvantage is it would have more weight moving back and forth, which results in sloppy sound and slower transient response. The Klassik's take a better approach to this, and that's by having more usable excursion on the woofer.  This design produces impressively loud bass that would be expected from a much larger speaker size, and because the speaker cone is so lightweight, it retains incredible punch and precision throughout the bass range. On top of all that, the bass is also enhanced with a rear mounted, custom designed bass reflex port that perfectly complements the speaker and enclosure. No subwoofer needed. Yes, you read that correctly, the Klassik's seem to defy what one would expect from a speaker of its size, producing loud and deep bass as though there was a dedicated subwoofer.  When listening to them at full volume, it's hard to believe that a speaker of their size can create such a huge sound.

 At iSK Pro Audio, we do the comparative testing, and only offer the best valued products available. We started with the APS line of monitors as regular customer. For our own studio where we do recording, mixing/mastering, and a lot of microphone comparative testing, like everyone else, we wanted the best monitors we could find within a certain budget. Our research which was heavily based on testimonials from our own clients who have used APS monitors, led us to purchase the APS Klassik's. After using them for a year, we upgraded to the new APS Aeon 2's.  Throughout our experiences in doing comparative testing of microphones for customers, we began bringing our Aeon 2's with us, because although many studio's have monitors that are more expensive, very few studio's have monitors with this level of fidelity, and when comparing our microphones, it is to our advantage to listen back on the clearest monitors possible. We have had the opportunity to compare these to various other industry standard and well respected studio monitors. This experience made the decision simple for us, these monitors are special, and we need to offer them to our customers.


Amplifier:  150 watts RMS bi-amplified

Low frequency amplifier: 75 watt RMS class A/B

High frequency amplifier: 75 watt RMS Class A/B

Low frequency driver: 7"

High frequency driver: 3/4" Aluminum dome double magnet

This item is special order and non returnable. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Price includes 2 monitors.


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