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Limited Time Promotional Offer on the ICDM, even includes Free Shipping within North America.

Prepare to be SHOCKED! We were, and still are. A microphone with such a low price SHOULD NOT sound this good....but we sure are happy that it does.

The iSK ICDM is a brand new microphone, designed by iSK in conjuction with Kris at iSK Pro Audio to meet a high standard of sound quality, durability, and functionality. It features an all new proprietary, custom high grade capsule which produces accurate and beautiful tone, well suited for human voice and live sound applications. Like any professional grade microphone, it has a balanced output that's meant to be used with a mixer or audio interface.

Compared to the iSK DM-58, which is in itself a fantastic sounding microphone, the ICDM is an overall superior microphone, with a stronger signal output and even better sound quality. For this reason the DM-58 has been discontinued and the ICDM now takes the lead as the best sounding dynamic microphone that we sell. We guarantee it will hold it's own, even in the most discerning professional live sound application.

Box contents- 1 microphone, 1 microphone holder

ADDED BONUS - In case this deal is still not enough, we're sweetening the pie with these options

2 pack ICDM - Only $49.99  Free shipping

1 ICDM and 1 Pearl - Only 59.99  Free shipping - Out of Stock

1 ICDM and 1 iSK Classic - Only $99.99 Free Shipping


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