DSM-7a Drum Mic Kit

$159.00 USD

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 The iSK DSM-7a is the professional's choice for high quality drum miking. It comes bundled with 4 TDM-1 tom and snare mics, which have high sensitivity and a very wide dynamic range.  They also work great on guitar cabs, acoustic instruments and vocals.

The 2 CM-50 pencil condensers are very quiet and very detailed. They are great for drum overheads, and acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano.

The BDM-1 is a very high quality kick drum microphone. It's frequency response is optimized for low frequencies. It has very low self noise, and produces clean and detailed bass frequencies for the "Big" sound engineers are after.

Also comes with 4 rim mic clips for the TDM-1's, 2 mount clips for the CM-50's, and a carry case.

The iSK DSM-7a was used to record the drums, and the iSK BDM-1 from this kit was used to record the bass guitar by micing the cab on this song. All the raw tracks are downloadable for reference and mix practice at http://www.iskrecording.com/dont-cry.html


Watch a video using the TDM-1 microphone on acoustic piano.

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