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 Never heard of iSK??

They own one of the 3 largest microphone manufacturers in the world, and iSK is their "in house" brand name. If you are an audio enthusiast, I can guarantee that you've heard of many of the well respected brands that have their products produced by iSK's factory, because they are in virtually every music store under a different brand name, and with a more expensive price tag.
While the iSK factory has been making microphones and headphones for other brands for many years, they have their own research and development section where they are able to improve on the designs, use the best of the best components available, and using state of the art manufacturing methods, they mass produce extremely high end products at very low prices. At iSK Pro Audio, we buy in bulk directly from the factory and sell across North America through our online store. No middleman, no storefront with high expenses. We sell directly to the customer at prices even lower than what distributors would normally sell to the stores. Plus, since iSK owns the factory and the research and development (iSK is one of the very few brands that are original, and not re-branded products), we offer even better quality than the re-branded products.
Think about how tv's have come down in price so much over the last 20 years, or even 10 years. The production technology has increased tremendously and they are now producing way better tv's for a fraction of the cost. This is what is now happening in the world of sound recording technology, and iSK is leading the race by far. If you were setting up a high end home theatre, would you buy a big screen t.v. from the 60's? 

At iSK's huge state of the art factory, it's very easy for them to produce a superior microphone at a fraction of the cost.
This is why our microphones and headphones are often compared to similar products from other popular brands that cost 3-10 times more (this is not an exaggeration). Plus, as an established business, we offer a 1 year warranty directly from us, and 30 day "no questions asked" return policy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!