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The iSK Pearl is a microphone every studio should have due to it's exceptional sound quality,  versatility and value. It utilizes a 25mm pure gold large diaphragm capsule keeping a cardioid pickup pattern. It's low self noise and wide dynamic range make it capable of capturing very quiet sources such as the ticking of a watch, or with the built in -10 db pad engaged it can also handle high spl, such as close up snare miking.  It also has a low frequency roll off switch, which helps reduce proximity effect when recording vocals, and removes the unwanted low frequencies when used as drum overheads. The Pearl has a high sensitivity output, which means it requires less preamp gain compared to most microphones, which also helps the end user keep the signal clean. The iSK Pearl is a very versatile studio workhorse with impressive sound quality. 

At iSK Pro Audio, we do a visual inspection and sound check of every Pearl sold. There are no other microphones on the market at this price point with such high Q.C. standards. Microphone comes with leatherette carry case, wind foam, and mic clip.

Find out why people are calling the iSK Pearl the best valued microphone in the world!

Add the optional shockmount for only $5.99



Element: 25mm pressure gradient transducer

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Sensitivity: -36dB ±3db (0db=1V/Pa at 1khz)

Output Impedance: 100Ω ±30% (at 1khz)

Load Impedance: ≤1000Ω

Equivalent Noise Level: 16dB A

S/N Ratio: 78dB

Phantom Power Requirements: 9-52V DC.

Electrical Current: 3mA

Weight: approx. 120g

Dimensions: 26mm diameter x 140mm



The iSK Pearl was used to record acoustic guitar and piano on this song, called "Don't Cry". All the raw tracks are downloadable for reference and mix practice at

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