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"a fantastic sounding microphone!"

The iSK Little Gem is a small diaphragm pencil condenser microphone with 3 interchangeable capsules, and a sound that is simply clean and gorgeous. 

It has a wide dynamic range, enabling it to be used on both quiet sources such as muted violin, or very loud sources such as drum overheads, or anything in between. It's flat frequency response enables it to accurately pick up all the tone and nuances of an upright bass, as well as the high frequency detail of drum overheads. Plus to add even more versatility, you can use the 3 interchangeable capsules which give you Cardioid, Omni-directional, and Super directional polar pickup patterns to suit the environment and tailor the sound for your specific needs.

At iSK Pro Audio, we do a visual inspection and sound check of every Little Gem sold. There are no other microphones on the market at this price point with such high Q.C. standards. Comes with the microphone body, 3 capsules, leatherette pouch, wind foam and mic clip. 

Add the optional shockmount for only $5.99


Element size: 16mm

Polar Patterns: Cardioid / Super Directional / Omni Directional

Frequency Response: 30hz-18khz

Sensitivity: -38dB ± 3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1khz)

Output Impedance: 100 ± 30% (at 1khz)

Max Input SPL: 135dB (at 1kh ≤1%T.H.D.)

Power requirements: 9V-52V phantom Power



Every track of this song was recorded using iSK Little Gem microphones. Individual tracks are available for reference and mix practice here:

Actual video of the recording.




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