Mixing services

Get your songs mixed professionally by Kris, with iSK Pro Audio. Simply send us all the dry recorded tracks that make up your song, and we guarantee we can get you song sounding better than anybody else... or your money back (check out our finest mix guarantee)! Just like our microphones, our mixing services are also very high quality at very low prices. While each project will vary in cost, the average price is about $300 per song. We  offer a 50% discount on 1 song for first time customers of our mixing service, and we offer an additional 10% discount on all projects to customers who have purchased microphones from us.

It's really simple, just send us all the original audio tracks with no processing, in the original sample rate, and with the exact same start point at the beginning of the song. Song tempo would also be helpful, but is not necessary.

We have 1 rule, as we are a christian owned and operated business, these services are not available for vulgar material.

*Our Finest Mix Guarantee*

If you, the customer, can provide us with another mix, whether you did the mix yourself, or hired another mixing engineer to do it, if the other mix is, in your opinion, just as good or better than the mix that we did, we will first make adjustments and provide you another mix. If you still think the other mix is better, we will give you a full refund.

Click here to contact us and we'll send you a link to upload the tracks to.