iSK TDM-1 microphone

$39.00 USD

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Don't let the low cost and small footprint of the TDM-1 fool you, this dynamic microphone can contend with some of the best dynamic microphones on the market.

    It has a bit less bass, and more treble in it's natural output, it can handle extremely high SPL, and produces very clear sound quality.  This brilliant combination of acoustical properties makes it the perfect mic for close miking high spl sources, because the proximity effect perfectly balances out it's frequency response, and the resulting sound is crystal clear with just the right amount of bass and treble. You can have all the advantages of close miking, such as direct sound and better isolation, without the disadvantages that other microphones are prone to, such as muddy and overpowering bass.  With these properties, the iSK TDM-1 is awesome for close mic use on Tom and Snare drums, and it also performs great on a variety of acoustic sources such as  guitar cabs, horns, acoustic instruments and vocals. Many of our customers agree, anything a 57 can do, the TDM-1 can do it better. And it's built tough too, with die cast metal housing and a metal grill, it's likely to give you great sound for many years to come. 




 The iSK TDM-1 was used to record electric guitar on this song, called Never Speak Never Mind. All raw tracks are downloadable for reference and mix practice at





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