RM-12 Active Ribbon Microphone

$179.00 USD

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Once you own a ribbon microphone, you will know first hand that they achieve a certain sound characteristic that dynamic and condenser microphones just aren't able to replicate. The iSK RM-12 produces that beautiful ribbon sound, and is a great microphone to use on a wide variety of sources.
Typically, ribbon microphones have a very low level output, and require expensive preamps with extra over 70dB of clean gain, or a line amplifier that runs on phantom power, which often cost over a couple hundred bucks. The RM-12 is a high sensitivity ribbon microphone, which basically has one of these line amplifiers built into the body. Due to the fact that this amplifier is located in the microphone body, it eliminates the need for the low level signal to pass through a transformer before being amplified, therefore preserving signal integrity. The amplification circuit is also optimized for this specific ribbon element, for maximum efficiency and best sound quality.
Comes with a deluxe carry case, a shockmount with integrated pop filter, and a screw on mount,

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