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A modern stage microphone with the highest standard of sound quality, durability, and a vintage vibe.

With the iSK Classic being the flagship model of dynamic microphones, no expenses were spared, and no corners were cut. Only the best of the best transducer, electric components, and designs were used in the production, resulting in a no compromise microphone that is rugged, looks great, and has a sparkling sound quality that is in the same league as any of the very best dynamic microphones on the market, at any price.


*New, state of the art, highly sensitive transducer element. Made from the very best components and materials available resulting in both a stronger and cleaner signal than most dynamic microphones.
*Transducer element is suspended within a steel frame which itself is suspended withing the metal outer body for maximum vibration isolation.
*Cast zinc outer body for ruggedness and impact resistance that is superior to Aluminum, Cast Iron, and Plastic.
*The exterior finish is genuine chrome plating, which offers a low maintenance, corrosion free and long lasting shine.
*Stainless steel mesh, and thin layer of foam, affixed to the inside of the housing, protects the valuable and sensitive transducer element from wind, dust and plosives.

Add to the vibe of your performance with the iSK Classic's great looks and flattering sound quality that easily cuts through the mix to bring all the nuances and detail of your performance to the audience.

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