Home Studio Bundle

$219.00 USD $263.00 USD

2x iSK Vibrato

1x iSK DM-57

1x iSK BDM-1

4 2.5m xlr cables

1 drum mic clip.

1 Stereo Mic Bar

This bundle is designed to be very versatile for recording almost anything. The Vibrato's are an excellent vocal mic, and can be used as a stereo pair to get a great sound recording acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitar or violin. The DM-57 is a great mic for close miking loud sources, such as close up drum mic, or guitar cab. We have had several customers tell us this is their all time favorite mic for guitar cabs, cost no object.  And the BDM- 1 is a dynamic microphone designed for loud and bassy sources, such as kick drum, bass guitar cab, and it also works great on floor toms.

This kit can be used as a 4 mic package on a drum kit, with the Vibrato's as overhead's, the DM-57 on snare, and the BDM-1 on Kick.  This kit also contains the microphones that would be needed to record all the individual parts of a full rock band.

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